The Roof You Need


C & C Roofing and Restoration Inc. Attention to details is a main focus. We like our roofs different and better, we're sure you do too!

Quality work also requires quality materials. C & C Roofing and Restoration will bring you piece of mind with the best materials in the roofing industry. From the decking and underlayment, to the last nail being installed. C & C Roofing will strive to provide a secure roof to protect all of you assets. If a warranty on your roof is not enough, C & C Roofing and Restoration Inc. is also insured for up to $2,000,000.00 Dollars of Insurance to make sure all your assets are in great service. Having never to use the insurance, we are sure to bring a piece of mind to our clients on the coverage on you and us.


 Asphalt, Lifetime Shingles





Metal Roofing 




Concrete & Clay Roof Tiles





 Ask us about our financing. A mayor project should never be let short from one of your biggest assets. Make sure you get it protected with a name you can rely on. C & C Roofing and Restoration Inc. assures you a piece of mind to protect all of your assets.


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